Will work for yoghurt - Chris Okerberg

I feel like I have seen too much yoghurt.  I work in a yoghurt factory but I don’t know how much longer I can keep it up.  The job feels like a temporary solution to the problem of surviving in Wales.  I see so much yoghurt every day that my mind tends to wander.  Whenever I see baby yoghurt it makes me think of my niece and nephew.  They are very young and don’t have to spend their day making yoghurt.  When I was younger I wasn’t concerned about what sort of job I would do but now when I am getting to an age where I can have a family of my own my job at the yoghurt factory makes me nervous.  If I want to provide for my niece and nephew cousins to play with I need to work somewhere consistently and it already is starting to feel like I have seen way too much yoghurt.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

I am living in Wales so that I can help my wife pursue her degree at the univesity. I like using computers and figuring out how to help other people use them. I also do a bit of acting when I have the time.

What’s your story about?

My Story is about my current job. I work at a yogurt factory in town, and the story is about my evolving relationship to yogurt. The story also talks about my anxieties of future parenthood.

Why did you choose this particular story?

I wanted to make this story because this is a subject that I spend a lot of time dealing with these days. I also wanted to figure out how to use something banal to talk about an aspect of my life that is harder to express.

What did you find most rewarding about the workshop?

The most rewarding aspect was getting to meet all the nice people hosting and participating in the workshop. I didn't expect to learn so much about this place and the people who live here through this short workshop. I also feel like I learned how I might lead a workshop similar to this one when I return to my home.

  • Aberystwyth University
  • Arts Council of Wales
  • Welsh Government
  • National Lottery
  • Ceredigion County Coucil

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