Lucy Harvey (December 2009 - February 2010)

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Lucy Harvey is a conceptual metalsmith who explores our narrative relationship with objects. Her small scale sculptures and installations speak of the absent, melancholy and uncanny. Influenced by both museum and reliquary, she creates collections of crafted artefacts which explore the psychology behind myth and legend.

Objects hang before the eyes of the imagination, continuously re-presenting ourselves to ourselves, and telling the story of our lives in ways which would be impossible otherwise –

Susan Pearce

We reflect ourselves in objects for reassurance and protection, escapism and discovery.  The terrifying and fearful narratives we invent allow us to feel some sort of control over the world around us and the three dimensional form acts as palpable evidence of these real and imagined tales.

I use craft processes as a vehicle to speak of the absent, the uncanny and the melancholy. Assuming the role of a fraudulent anthropologist, I manipulate the pre-existing to create enigmatic artefacts which toy with our longing to believe in the fantastic. Subverting the authority of environment and the associative power of collection allow me to confuse and construct, evoking a conflict of animistic fears and desires.

Lucy Harvey