James Morris: Time & Remains: Reflections on a Palestinian Landscape

James Morris

James Morris is a British photographer who focuses principally on landscape and the built environment. Known early on as primarily an architectural photographer, over the last decade he has looked more broadly at landscape issues from urbanism to human conflict. His work documents the layers of history and impact of man’s intervention evident in the places he observes. In 2003 he published Butabu (Princeton Architectural Press), which records the threatened and vulnerable vernacular architectural landscape of West Africa. Seven years after returning to live in the country of his birth he published A Landscape of Wales (Dewi Lewis Publishing 2010) which has been described as both a love letter and deeply melancholy. His most recent two project look at aspects of cause and consequence in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. His practice incorporates both self initiated projects and commissioned work – over the years he has also illustrated numerous magazine articles and books on historical and contemporary architecture and worked with many revered international architects.

The exhibition: Time & Remains: Reflections on the Palestinian Landscape

At a time when the Palestinian issue seems shrouded by the wider Arab Spring and the peace process appears utterly abandoned, its significance remains undiminished. In this exhibition photographer James Morris brings together two distinct bodies of work that explore differing stories observed within the landscape of Israel / Palestine; together they are witness to both a cause and a consequence of this unresolved conflict. In his work James Morris draws on his training as an historian to explore places with complex and unresolved histories. The result is both enquiring and questioning, maintaining a balance of history, fact and visual evidence.


This exhibition is in two parts: That Still Remains (11 works) When the Time Comes (10 works)

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Size: 21 framed photographs and 3 text panels
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   Labels (self-adhesive)
   Information panels x 3 (self-adhesive)
   A4 info sheets
Transport requirements: 2-way transport
Hang: Mirror-plates
Security requirements: Fully invigilated