Gerald Scarfe - rhithwir | virtual

Gerald Scarfe: Stage and Screen was exhibited at Aberystwyth Arts Centre 13th January - 9th March 2020. Follow this link to see a virtual version of the exhibition.

Gerald Scarfe (b.1936) is the UK’s most prominent political cartoonist, known for his acerbic and uncompromising satire.Although his work has appeared in print in The Sunday Times for 50 years, his unmistakable style is given new life on stage and screen: "Like Pygmalion I always want to bring my creations to life – to bring them off the page and give them flesh and blood, movement and drama. Paintings and drawings are two dimensional. To give them 3D rotundity one has to make a sculpture. To give them life one needs animation or an actor on stage." This touring exhibition from The House of Illustration explores Scarfe’s extensive work in animation and theatre and costume design. It features preliminary sketches, storyboards, costume and set designs, photographs, ephemera, costumes, set pieces and animation cels.