Freshers' Week 2020

Welcome to Aberystwyth, new students!

Honestly? This isn’t the 2020 Freshers’ Week we had in mind…our building is still mostly closed and normally at this time of year we’re all practically vibrating with anticipation of the new academic year and the buzz that comes with it.

But all is not lost in the misfortune of 2020! We’re pleased to be contributing to the Aber Freshers big screen experience and can’t wait for you try some delicious treats from the Piazza café. You can look forward to upcoming events we’ve already got planned, and keep an eye on our socials for more news as we move closer to re-opening.

To those of you who are returning to Aberystwyth for the new academic year, we hope you're looking forward to our grand re-opening too - we’re confident we’ll be back better than ever when the time is right!

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy the best of the cultural capital of Wales…!

What's On?

Sketching with Ruth Koffer
Online classes via Zoom
from Monday 14 September, 2:00pm

Watercolours with Ruth Koffer
Online classes via Zoom
from Thursday 17 September, 6:30pm

Astrid Investigates
A Flying Bridge Theatre audio drama
Thursdays from 17 September

We Are Many
US premiere live stream
Tuesday, 22 September, 1am (available for 48 hours)

Mark Thomas: The Red Shed
Live Stream
Thursday, 24 September

Black Panther
on the Piazza big screen (limited to 30 people)
Saturday, 26 September, 4pm

Rogue One
on the Piazza big screen (limited to 30 people)
Sunday, 27 September, 7pm

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