Dave Cushley (February-May 2009)

Dave Cushley is an artist currently living and working in South Wales. Exhibiting throughout the UK and internationally his work is an irreverent fusion of the absurd, post-structuralism and an unhealthy obsession with the nature of craft.

His work has always been concerned the associations we have with certain materials or techniques, the deceit involved in the transformation of natural subject matter into purely decorative objects, etc. In the most recent work, this interest is characterised by the use of simple, repetitive, actions, creating organic, non-specific forms. Any intended subject matter is gradually lost within the process of making and the work becomes more about simply bending strips of metal, or the act of tracing a line. The act of making becomes, essentially, futile, serving no purpose other than its own perpetuation. The work is obsessional, always centered on this act, aware of its inherent futility but never ending.