Creative Studios

The Creative Studios Project was designed to develop Aberystwyth Arts Centre's role as a creative hub for arts businesses, arts development agencies, artists and craft workers. The mix of artists and arts businesses is a unique feature of this development with both new and established occupants interacting together in a stimulating environment to realise their economic and creative potential.

The Creative Studios Project, designed by Heatherwick Studio, worth £1.4 million, has been made possible by support from Aberystwyth University, the Arts Council of Wales Lottery Fund and the Welsh Assembly Government. 

The Creative Studios Project was awarded a Civic Trust Award (2010) for projects that have made an outstanding contribution to the quality of the environment, the only building chosen from Wales that year. The Creative Studios have also been awarded a RIBA Award (2010) for buildings that have high architectural standards and make a substantial contribution to the local environment.

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