Connect is back! Connect 2 carries on from the Arts Centre’s Only Connect project, exploring more of the digital world for the arts; offering workshops for artists and enabling the creation of new digital work.

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Connect 2 artists digital lab event

Come and join us in and around Aberystwyth Arts Centre for an evening exploration of new digital works created by our Connect resident digital artists. There will be 5 groundbreaking  installations and short performances specially created over 3 weeks at the Arts Centre. Stay and join us for a drink afterwards.

SATURDAY 2ND MAY  8PM   Free   Secret digital art events! Please RSVP if you would like to attend - and bring a waterproof!    Please note that sections of the event are site-specific and may not be accessible to those with reduced mobility

Participating Artists:

Jessie Brett and Jered Sorkin – Wales – dance, composition and digital

Ffloc  - Wales – digital installation, light, sound, poetry

Hudson and Haf – Wales – interactive performance

Andrew Bolton – Wales – visual and digital art installation

JGM – Portugal – digital installation, light, sound

For further details contact Gill Ogden   



Phase 3: The Angel of Aberystwyth

Anton and fellow artist Chris once again made the 7 hour journey from Newcastle to Aberystwyth on Thursday 12th February to shoot the final part of the animation. Despite the inevitable superstitions of a stormy Friday – the - Thirteenth, the day was a resounding success.

First the artists and photographer Steve Bailey descended on Penglais School with a curious box of Perspex slides. The slides were printed with a drawing of the angel, each one slightly different, just like the pages of a flick book. Every participant was assigned a slide and asked to pose with it for a photograph. The idea is to play back the photographs in sequence to reveal the Angel jumping from her podium and taking flight around the streets of Aberystwyth.

After meeting and photographing various kids from the school, as well as a lovely group of obliging dinner ladies (and one dinner man), Anton, Chris and Steve brought the project to the Arts Centre. Committed to his mission of taking 300 photographs, on the following morning he took to the streets.

Local performers involved in Response Time at Ceredigion Museum, members of Cor Meibion, shoppers, holiday makers and dog walkers all willingly took part. Anton even managed to find a group of swimmers adorned with goggles and swimming caps to have their photos taken before they made their mad dash in to the sea on a brisk February morning.

Aberystwyth is full of local characters and we’re so pleased to be able to include so many of them in the final film. So, come along to the exhibition opening on Friday 6th March, 5.30 – 7.30pm and look out for all those familiar faces.



Phase 2: The Mannequin on the Run

Anton was blessed with blue skies on Tuesday 3rd February for shooting the frames for the animated mannequin section of his film Angel Aberystwyth. He arrived at the crack of dawn with his fellow artist Chris Folwell, cameraman Pete Telfer, and Pete’s two assistants Felix and Marta.

Having meticulously studied the movement of the body in walking motion, and practiced using tiny models, the team had a good idea of the mannequin’s performance. Chris chalked out the route on the Arts Centre’s Piazza, and they began moving one limb at a time while Marta documented the process. It was a wobbly start for the mannequin, who lost one of its legs, but it was soon reattached and it found its footing ready to make its journey.

At 8 frames per second, the film seemed a daunting task, but passers-by were keen to get involved at the promise of a frame of fame at the exhibition opening in March! Many members of the public and even the local sports mascot - in full bear suit - got in on the action, articulating the figure into surprisingly expressive poses along its journey, as the bright winter sun rose and fell in the sky.

After eight chilly hours of stop-frame animation, the mannequin finally completed its route. Its initial stroll turned in to a run and a jump, and eventually it took to flight through the doors of the Arts Centre. The final film will be shown in Gallery 1 on Friday 6th March with refreshments and members of the male Voice Choir, Côr Meibion, who provided the soundtrack.

We would like to thank all those who took part, and don’t forget to look out for us shooting the final section of Angel Aberystwyth around the Town Centre on Saturday 14thFebruary.



Volunteers needed to shoot a frame for the animated mannequin film: Aberystwyth Angel

As part of this year’s digital arts project, Connect 2, artist Anton Hecht is making a film which will be exhibited in Gallery 1 of the Arts Centre in March 2015, called Aberystwyth Angel

So far, he has been busy recording Côr Meibion, Aberystwyth’s Male Voice Choir, to form the soundtrack. The next step is to prepare the animation using a life-sized artist’s mannequin.

On February 3rd 2015, Anton will be looking for volunteers to move the mannequin, frame by frame, around the grounds of the Arts Centre. Your frame will only take a few minutes to shoot, so come along between 9am and 4pm for your chance to star in the movie.

All are welcome to take part, but please note that children under 16 years must have permission from a parent or guardian.

We look forward to seeing you! 

Phase 1: Filming Cor Meibion with Anton Hecht

Cor Meibion Aberystwyth sang their hearts out on the beach and in Ceredigion Museum on Sunday 16 November, with a beatiful rendition of a Welsh lullaby.

Arist and director Anton Hecht  worked with Pete Telfer and Richard to film many, many takes, which the Choir took in their stride; an excellent lunch at Scholars helped warm everyone after singing on the bright  but very cold beach. After lunch, curator Carrie Canham kindly opened Ceredigion Museum for filming inside. The resulting footage will form part of the Angel Aberystwyth film and the very beautiful singing by the Choir will be the main soundtrack. 


The next stage of Angel Aberystwyth will be taking place on Tuesday 3rd February between 9-6 at the Arts Centre, where there will be a chance to ‘star’ in the film - Anton will be preparing an animated sequence of a life size mannequin figure and he needs volunteers to move the limbs! It will only take a few minutes – register your interest by emailing Jen Loffman:



Connect 2 will include:

- A Lab experience allowing selected artists to develop new digital work with expert technical guidance and public presentations (details to be announced)  
- New digital artworks created by artist Anton Hecht. Working with music, animation and technology, Anton will bring the people of the town into the gallery and the gallery out into the town...  See the Aberystwyth Angel fly across the windows and a person- sized mannequin run through the streets; while Côr Meibion Aberystwyth makes its way around the town on a tablet computer passed from person to person - all artworks powered by local people and places! This project will mainly take place in Aber town in February next year. Details will be on this site before long, with a presentation in Gallery 1 of the Arts Centre between 7-25 March.
- The soundtrack to the Aberystwyth Angel film will be filmed in the morning of Sunday 16 November with the fabulous (and game) members of Côr Meibion Aberystwyth- if you are in town, you may hear this wonderful choir singing on the seafront!


FREE WORKSHOPS for artists and creatives

Friday 6 March 10am-4pm

How to manage your on-line presence: for professional artists, creatives and students; plus one to one sessions on how to distribute and promote your work on-line. Led by artist Anton Hecht

Friday 20 March 10am-4pm

Arduino for Creatives: Learn how to programme to control light, movement sound and more!
Arduino is an open-source micro-controller based on easy-to-use hardware and software. It is ideal for use in interactive projects and has a myriad of possibilities for artists and creatives. Led by Dr Colin Sauze
The Arduino is a small, cheap, easily programmable computer which presents great creative opportunities. This course will teach how to programme the Arduino - including wiring the Arduino to sensors and actuators, and writing the code that will monitor sensor readings and turn actuators on and off. Colin will also touch on ‘wearables’ called ‘lillypad’ or ‘flora’ – see

Please email to register interest or reserve a place on either course.


Other events coming soon:

Rob Davies: Of time and the railway 27 March - 11 April. A digital artwork about the railway line between Birmingham and Aberystwyth, filmed from the driver’s cab of the train. Take this film train journey and pass through the changes of both a day and a year.

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