The Community

The Arts Centre’s aim aim is to provide a cultural facility that is welcoming to everyone – whether it’s their first visit or their hundredth, and whatever their age, background or experience. As well as presenting an amazing programme of professional work the Arts Centre runs one of the largest of community arts programmes in Wales, encouraging people to get involved in the arts in all its different aspects. The Stage School, Youth Theatre and Dance School have helped many an individual through from their first steps on the dance floor or stage, into professional performance careers, whilst many visual artists first found their own style and honed their talents in our weekly art classes. The Community Arts participatory programme is in many ways the keystone to the Arts Centre success. In a rural location with a relatively small population it is that active involvement in the arts, the making and performing that has built the lasting relationship between the community and the Arts Centre and an appreciation of the Centres’ wider artistic programme. The 100,000 attenders of the Community Arts Programme clearly show how much it is valued.

The Arts Centre has only achieved its success through the dedication and inspiration of its staff and volunteers. This is best typified by Dorothy ‘Dot’ Clifford who worked tirelessly to introduce new audiences to the summer shows and to reach out to groups across Wales; and the committed work of the first stage manager Tom Corfield and Rosa Evans from the box office, each of whom served for over thirty years and set a magnificant example to all of the Arts Centre team.