Collaborations with the University

The Arts Centre has strong relationships with academic and support departments. The ‘Theatre Passport’ scheme is operated jointly with the TFTS Dept and provides almost 400 theatre students each year with a programme of ten professional performance productions which also form part of their studies, and which are enhanced by talks and workshops with the visiting companies. The scheme is now spreading to the film modules, with a new ‘Cult Cinema’ scheme introduced in association with department experts. All the performances in the Theatre Passport scheme and screenings in the Cult Cinema project are also open to the general public, encouraging the mixing of ‘town’ and ‘gown’.

Projects with other departments have included English, International Politics, School of Management and Business, Commercialisation, Psychology and Lifelong Learning. The Arts Centre worked with the Physics Department on a series of ‘Robot Wars’ events and a collaboration with IGER the forerunner of IBERS on an exhibtion using grass as a photographic medium led to the establishment of the Science Café one of the most succesful in the UK. Strong links are evident with the School of Art through the Ceramics Gallery and also with our Artists in Residence scheme and gallery talks. Some of the Education and Lifelong Learning weekly classes are offered in Arts Centre workshop spaces, and the Arts Centre is the main location for many of the larger conferences organised by Residential Services.

The Arts Centre also provides the main concert venue for the University’s Music Centre to showcase the University choral and instrumental ensembles, which are also open to local musicians to join. Many students are involved in theatre productions both on stage and backstage.

The Arts Centre hosts placements for undergraduate and post-Graduate students and has a number of Postgraduate students amongst its staff.

Aberystwyth University’s graduation ceremonies are held in the Arts Centre, as are the majority of registration activities and also the Concert Hall is the main exam location twice a year. In addition a number of smaller University activities take place here over the year, from staff training to seminars, or larger conferences.

Most importantly, the Centre serves as a social focal point for the University throughout the day, with its café at the heart of the building. That mix of staff/student groups alongside members of the public or local school children is what makes the Arts Centre so special.